“Portfolio under moratorium for some large NBFCs is as high as 70- 80%, with the sectoral average of about 52%, while for HFCs the

Yes Bank was the latest to be put under moratorium on March 5 after it failed to raise capital in time. Depositors could not

Rating agency Crisil in a recent report said bank credit growth is likely to nosedive to a multi-decadal low of 0-1 per cent in

The private bank on July 8 will auction properties owned by Essel Infraprojects in Mumbai. It has also put under the hammer properties owned

"We have a lot of real estate assets because of the merger. We are planning to sell some of them. We are planning to

The central bank and state governments may often end up in courts over the powers of the RBI in overruling the managements of the

There is a weak linkage between buoyant markets and economic recovery, economists at SBI said.

Not everyone in the world of finance is in a position to work remotely on a long-term basis.