Glance, which is installed in nearly two thirds of all new smartphones sold in India, has been able to scale up to 60

In order to qualify for the investment, startups must be at an early state or scalable stage and must be recognized by the Department

Uber and Tranport for London have been engaged in a long-running battle since the authority rejected a renewal request in 2017, citing shortcomings it

Car subscription works out very well for those who are in transferable jobs and do not want to worry about owning/transporting a car across

The issue might only be picked up later next year as WhatsApp's payments ambitions have virtually been thwarted.

The startup plans to utilise the funds to expand into new cities, introduce new product offerings and invest in tech infrastructure.

Water-borne diseases appear to be a quintessential problem in the country. A simple solution lies in cleaning large water bodies, which are breeding grounds

Through this acquisition, Binance is expected to foray into the fledgling Indian market, which is counted among the top exchanges globally.