The programme is part of Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS) and is called E-Step.

The eco-friendly startup commenced operations in early 2016 out of Utagi’s spare bedroom with a personal investment of Rs 24 lakh.

Many young professionals across the country are ditching regular pay checks and AC offices for the rigours and uncertainties of sustainable farming.

Considering the constraints of the banking sector in serving the poor, a funding platform setup in 1980s is helping rural entrepreneurs in building successful,

Today, over 1.24 lakh farmers in Telugu-speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh use V. Naveen Kumar's mobile app NaPanta to avail a host

An institution builder, he set up Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India in 1983 to work for potential and existing entrepreneurs.

Each t-shirt saves approximately 27 litres of water, uses 50% less energy to produce and reduces carbon emission by over 54%.

While, in the peak season, product sales hover between 20 - 30 lakh units per month, in the off season which is from May

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