What sets the exceptional apart from the ordinary?

What differentiates a diligent student working hard to ace their classes from a smart-working student who sails through their courses with top rankings?

What does it mean when we say “being good is not enough.”?

The difference is on the edge. The edge is a blend of the right information at the right time, multiple sources of infinite motivation and unfettered access. It is this vital combination that puts a student on the highway to success. We, at The Economic Times, strive to support the youngsters of today with the relevant knowledge and preparation needed to tackle the most complex challenges presented by life.

Welcome to ET in-Campus – an interactive platform connecting India Inc., with the students of the country. India’s premium elite club for business students, backed by India’s leading brand in business information and knowledge – The Economic Times.

Student and faculty members of ETiC can avail numerous benefits, like below:

  • Exclusive, one year access to The HUB (etincampus.in) – A uniquely curated website for business data, analysis, and opinions on everything related to Indian Business. The HUB is the single portal for all research-oriented work with news from all ETiC campuses, research papers published by staff members, as well as a forum to participate in fun activities. This is a subscription-based service which is complimentary for the first 12 months for all ETiC students.
  • The chance to interact hang around with some of the prominent names in the corporate world, and invitations to premium ET events such as The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence, The Economic Times Startup Awards, and many more.
  • Participation in national level programs with rewards & recognition.
  • An opportunity for deans & faculty members to showcase their research work and theses.
  • Coverage of significant ETiC events & activities in The Economic Times and a subscription to the paper delivered directly to your doorstep.