K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management conducted their annual flagship event Melange ’20 on 14th and 15th February 2020. With a rich experience of conducting the event for 17 years, this year as well, Melange was nothing short of spectacular. The two-day fest had a number of events and
managerial competitions to hone the students’ managerial skills, and ofcourse, to add some zing to their B-School experience.
Each year, Melange emphasises a lot on giving back to the society by conducting CSR events. This year, Team Melange ’20 took it a step further by organising the Entrepreneurial Idea Awards in association with VoiceVision and Enactus. It aimed at connecting visually impaired entrepreneurs,
with potential investors who would invest in their business ideas. The event was a huge success and student volunteers who worked along with the visually impaired entrepreneurs got a chance to develop business ideas with the guidance of eminent industry mentors.
Every year, Melange follows different theme which is in sync with the corporate world. This year’s theme for Melange’20 was Transformational Vision for Sustainable Businesses. Melange ’20 aimed to highlight the importance of adopting eco-friendly business practices and to appreciate all
businesses that are already shifting their stance towards sustainable business practices. The fest attracted innovative ideas from participants all across the country, and encouraged them to compete
with the best, to build networks and to become managers who would contribute towards sustainability.
In the past, Melange has been graced by speakers like Raghuram Rajan, Anupama Chopra, Venkatesh
Iyer and Stephen Fleming to name a few. This year, the festival began with Melange Conclave, a
panel discussion graced by renowned industry leaders such as
 Ms. Geeta Uppal, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries,
 Mr. Prashant Mahajan, Programme Manager, Business & Nature at BirdLife International,
 ‎Mr. Sujan Roy, Head – International Business, Passenger Vehicles at Tata Motors, and
 Ms. Bhavini Parikh – Founder at BunkoJunko, sustainable fashion, upcycle, social enterprises,
women empowerment Member of WEF, IMC, TIE, IBG
The discussion revolved around sustainability, and about what corporates could take up as initiatives,
to contribute towards the mission of achieving sustainable business practices.
The fest then continued with 18 challenging competitions and fun events such as Opsquest, Civil War,
Corporate Ranbhoomi, War of Bands, Stratinnova, Game Theory, Variegating Brands, Green Trade,
Commercio, Equity Research, etc.
The two-day extravaganza ended with the most awaited event of all, the Star Night. This year saw Melange ’20 host the megastars from the stand-up comedy world, Rahul Subramanian, Kumar Varun and Rahul Dua who enthralled the audience with their humour.
Next year, Melange promises to be an even bigger fiesta, by incorporating many more dimensions and competitions into the festival week, which would give the students ample opportunities to learn management, with a touch of fun and laughter.