VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur to launch its B-school fest, Purvodaya on 31st January, 2020

With disruptive technologies changing the way we perceive business and altering the very fabric of society, a continuous transformation has become critical for the survival of any venture. Businesses have to grapple with uncertainty at every step in the way. Problems are rarely resolved by treading the well-beaten path. Purvodaya – the annual B-school fest of the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur seeks to encapsulate this fundamental truth with its “Think the Unthinkable” theme. Set to go live on the 31st of January 2020 at VGSoM, the three-day extravaganza will witness panel discussions by industry stalwarts and corporate leaders, alumni interactive sessions, business competitions and challenges in the domains of consulting, analytics, finance, supply chain management, and social entrepreneurship. For many of the participants, it will mark the culmination of a journey that began weeks ago with preliminary rounds of online quizzes and challenges. The fest which seeks to act as a catalyst for the process of business ideation enjoys participation from MBA students in top B-schools around the country, contending for attractive prizes.

The last edition of Purvodaya witnessed engaging deliberations with eminent business personalities on the theme “Stability in Volatility”. The theme for this year builds on the ideas born out of those stimulating discussions and seeks to highlight the need to stretch the boundaries of thought in the quest for managerial excellence. Through its far-reaching platform, Purvodaya endeavours to get business enthusiasts and budding managers ponder on current business and entrepreneurial challenges.

The Leadership Summit, an event that sees prominent business leaders and industry stalwarts deliberating on the challenges and opportunities in the current corporate landscape and Reminiscence, a rendezvous of illustrious alumni who share their experiences with the current students, are the highlights of the corporate-academia interaction events of the fest.

The image and expectations of a leader in the corporate world have undergone an immense transformation over the years, evolving from being a distant figure of absolute authority to a more grounded figure of a mentor. The Leadership Summit is one such event that provides a glimpse into the functioning behind some of the most successful corporate leaders.

In keeping with past trends, this year too, prominent business leaders like Dr. Akhil Prasad, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary at Boeing, Mr. Mayur Dogra, Vice President, Finance & Development at ITC, Mr. Vinayak Marathe, Sr. Vice President at Reliance Industries Limited, Ms. Shweta Pathak, Talent Branding & Strategic HR Marketing professional, Mr. Mahipal Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer, South Asia at Nielsen and Mr. Aneet Chaku, Head of Customer Service & ExCom Member – APMEA Region at Apollo Tyres will ignite the spark of brilliance in a discussion illuminating the aspiring managers of tomorrow. The distinguished panel slated to convene at the summit this year will delve into the topic “Leaders today: The tryst between disruption and convention” as they lend substance to the talks with their singular insights and arsenal of real-world learnings.

With the fest just a few days away, the excitement on campus reaches a feverish pitch as everyone readies themselves for an unforgettable learning experience.