Education as A Profit Maximization Tool – a gist of how institutions treat various talents

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and we have the habit of drinking tea with a healthy discussion, it’s totally family time for me. And the topic came across like this about how and what kind of education does the well known institutions deliver and how parents and their react for the same.

It’s an open secret that, institutions that are running today are totally commercialized and they purely work for profit maximization. My wife came up with an incident and it so happens in one of the institutions in the coastal part of Karnataka,India (I don’t want to name that institution), where they take admissions in 4 different ways!..Let me give you some figures here.

If your score is

90% and above, you will be in section”A” — Utmost care will be given, top most delegates will be called for guest lectures and extra coaching and continuous quality development. So these elite kids have to be focused only on studies and studies and studies and nothing else!!
Now, if your score is between 80–90%, you will be in section”B” — Yes, care will be taken with lot of assignment works and only hard work. These kids will have an aim to score that 95 and above and match themselves with the so called elite kids!

Next, if your score is between 70–80%, there comes section”C” — This class comes with heavy fee structure and donation because your score is low! exposure is less when it is compared to elite kids, and these students will not be entertained much in the campus for any such activities.
And the last resort, when your score is around 60–65%, section”D” — Careless! yes, I repeat careless! Here, students will not be given any kind of care in any manner.

Now, let me tell you another fact. This institute literally have adoption scheme for students, I mean they adopt your child for 2 years of schooling(11th and 12th standard) and when I say adaption, they give maximum discount in fee structure and everything else is taken care of. Surprisingly, all these adaption will be done only for those elite kids who have scored more than 90%in their 10th standard.

This is the overall structure of that institution. Here comes the real difference!when you put all students who have scored peak marks in one section, you don’t really have to train them much with all those super delegates and with utmost care just to score another 90% in their 12th standard(12th standard is the turning point for a student for pursuing degree in India). If that child in the due course of 2 years scores less than 90%, that particular student loses it’s adaption scheme and his/her section will be changed as per the facts which I have mentioned it above.

This is all fine with section”A”. What about sections B, C and D?their score is less and in fact they have to be given utmost care and make them score 90% and above! You don’t really have to train those 90% elite kids because they will anyways score 90 plus in most of the cases. So what is the use of having sections B,C and D when you cannot train them?. None of the classes will be left free for section “A” while in other sections, they don’t even care if there is no teacher for the entire day! and all this happens in the same campus. It’s so obvious that those kids who have less scores and need enormous amount of training will be left behind and their talent will go for a sewage.

This is the condition of schools and colleges in India. They purely work for profit maximization and they don’t give a damn for the overall development. If this continues, then average and below average will never be improved and given a better position and it is also dangerous for the country because it leads to so many problems and it indirectly impacts on everything else.

One can see a development when they start treating different talents on a similar platform!.