VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur to conduct the third edition of the HR Conclave

The business world today is experiencing major upheavals in almost all sectors with disruptive technologies redefining the status quo and creating promising opportunities for a highly skilled agile workforce. While the emerging dimensions of the fourth industrial revolution may seem lucrative, much like its triune predecessors, it sets in stark contrast the urgent need to refurbish the current workforce. The role of HR managers has evolved from responding to passing conditions to foreseeing the future.

Against the backdrop of such raging transformations, the Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM), IIT Kharagpur chalks out its annual HR Conclave – an enterprise that seeks to engage some of the brightest professional minds and industry stalwarts in a captivating symposium to take on some of the most tenacious challenges of the current HR landscape. Dr. Prabina Rajib, the Dean of VGSoM remarks, “The primary purpose of the HR Conclave is to create a platform which will serve as a melting-pot of thoughts and ideas where views are exchanged to navigate the complex labyrinth of people management and talent development”

VGSoM is a premier B-school of India known for pioneering management education within the famed IIT ecosystem. Galvanized by the resounding success of its previous two editions, the HR Conclave is all set to go live on the 7th of September 2019 at the Kalidas Auditorium of IIT Kharagpur. This year, the event will witness HR managers from different realms of the industry deliberate on the theme of “HR Innovation and Upskilling.” The congruity of discussions on the topic “Rethinking People Management to propel organization growth” gain significant relevance in the light of the Future of Jobs Report released by the World Economic Forum which highlights the role of senior leadership in instigating reforms to enable an inclusive upskilling of an organization’s workforce.

The rapid pace with which AI and other technologies are permeating the fabric of the corporate workspace have necessitated decisive action in a climate of uncertainty. Managing a diverse pool of talent with varying aspirations creates new challenges under such circumstances making it essential for HR managers to introduce inclusive upskilling programs while treading the delicate line of employee satisfaction and organizational growth. The tried and tested methods of yore do not always yield the same results in this new digital age, making the race to find that elusive idea that will boost profit and add a breath of fresh perspective to employee engagement a defining goal of any HR function.

In the last edition of VGSoM’s HR Conclave held on 8th September 2018, HR leaders from across the country delved into the topic of Trust and Transparency in the workplace. The confluence of thoughts and ideas put forth during those discussions have set the stage for this year’s theme which addresses another vital function of Human Resource management.