Graduation Day – Malla Reddy Engineering College

Event Name : 14th Graduation, Alumni and Placement day

Event Category : Academic event

Venue, Location, address :  Smt. Chamakura Chandramma Memorial Major Auditorium,  Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous), Main Campus, Maisammaguda, Dhulapally, Secunderabad – 500 100

Event dates : 13 – 07 – 2019

‘Young talent is missing all over the world. Therefore it is a great advantage to the Indian youth particularly from the two telugu speaking states who possess engineering knowledge besides good communication skills,’ remarked Mr. Ch. Malla Reddy, Honourable minister for Labour, Women & Child welfare and Skill development, Telangana state Government and founder Chairman, MREC(A). Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous) recently celebrated its 14th Graduation, Placement and Alumni day. In the capacity of Chief guest of the occasion, Mr. Ch. Malla Reddy addressed the gathering. At the outset he congratulated all the graduated students. ‘With over 7,500 students graduated till date,’ he added, ‘MREC students are omnipresent in every other part of the world’. He motivated the graduating students to carve their bright future with planned and directed efforts. He insisted on proactive nature to grab every opportunity that comes in the students way.
Dr. S. Sudhakara Reddy, Principal, MREC(A), welcomed all to the ceremony. Under his guidance students took oath that the knowledge and skills that they acquired as the student of the college shall be utilised for the benefit of the society. They also pledged to carry forward the values like dedication, ethics and integrity all through their life. He recalled that Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was first implemented with the graduating batch of 2015 – 19 students. He acknowledged the contribution of Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) in providing additional placement opportunities and mediating MoUs with SAP and others. He added that it was a moment to treasure, sharing the happiness with the parents while getting graduated in their presence. He advised that Industry 4.0 is in practice and that the students must suit the needs of it for which students and faculty as well should be continuous learners. He suggested to utilise the online learning platforms like NPTEL.

Mr. Shrikanth Sinha, CEO, TASK was one of the guests of honour. He mentioned the importance of application of knowledge. He added that Data analytics shall be very crucial in the near future as the data available in the last 2 years far greater than the data put together in the last 2000 years. He touched upon the importance of life long learning. He advised students to acknowledge the role of every one and thank them who was responsible for their success. He cautioned about the implications of Electronic waste and the necessity to handle it properly.

Another guest of honour on the occasion Mr. Srikanth Surampudi, Regional Head, HR, TCS mentioned that every branch of engineering has a role to play in the betterment of the society. He mentioned that on the occasion of Graduation day, every student was on the threshold to enter the big world outside and advised students to take the challenge in a right manner. He stressed on the importance of communication skills in the current working environment and advised to learn at least one foreign language. He added that unemployment was not the issue to be pondered over today but the actual issue of concern was unemployability. He mentioned that virtual training enabled with gamification was a reliable solution.

‘Around 850 students from B. Tech., 95 students from M. Tech. and nearly 50 students from M.B.A. graduated in the presence of their proud parents on this graduation day ceremony’ remarked the coordinators of the ceremony, Mr. Ashok, Dr. Surendranath Reddy and Dr. Dhanunjay. Secretary Mr. Ch. Mahender Reddy, Director Mr. P. Praveen Reddy, Deans and Heads of various Departments, staff were present on the occasion.